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2004 Ford F150 4X4 Short Bed 1 Piece Rear Driveshaft

Ford F150 4WD

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2004 Ford F150 4X4 Short Bed 1 Piece Rear Driveshaft

04 Ford F-150 4X4 Short Bed 1 Piece Rear Driveshaft

Center of u-joint to center of u-joint: 58" 
Transfer case slip yoke diameter: 1.886"g.h.
Flange at the differential end.

Replacement for the following O.E. part number(s):
4L34-4602-KB / 4L344602KB, 5L34-4602-KA / 5L344602KA

The stock driveshaft for this application has what is referred to as “staked in” u-joints. These can become very costly to replace which is why we recommend that our customers purchase a complete replacement shaft as it will save you time, money and aggravation. We offer this shaft with either the Dana/Spicer greasable u-joints or Solid Spicer Life u-joints. After selecting a desired u-joint style from the attributes box below, the purchase price associated will be displayed. This product has FREE SHIPPING!!!! Just add it to your cart and free shipping will be applied, no code required.

Here at CCI our largest asset to our competitive edge is our understanding of what is necessary to produce the finest drive shafts on the market. Being a leader in drive shaft technology, our customers are assured any product that is purchased from CCI Driveline will noticeably standout from our competitors not only functionally, but also aesthetically.  Our shafts are precision balanced and straightened to our strict tolerances and come with the C.C.I. Vibration Free Guarantee! Please confirm all measurements and part numbers prior to ordering. If you have any questions call us at (586)716-1160.


Part#: F150415

Price: $425.00

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