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Dakota / Durango 4X4 Front Drive Shaft


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Dakota / Durango 4X4 Front Drive Shaft

Dodge Dakota / Durango

Transfer case to front axle driveshaft solution: OE shafts for the applications listed below contain a ball and cage style constant velocity joint located at the T-case and a single u-joint located at the differential. The replacement shaft offered features a flanged u-jointed constant velocity joint that will take the place of the failed OE ball and cage cv with the use of a billet aluminum adapter displayed below.  At the differential end of the drive shaft the OE u-joint is replaced with the best u-joint on the planet, Spicer life 1310 series u-joint.  All the necessary hardware for attaching the replacement cv is included. Each part produced here at CCI will come precision balanced and straightened to our strict tolerances.

Take Note: Don’t be fooled by the cheaper new single u-jointed shafts on the market.  The design is wrong and will cause a noise and vibration; this is why CCI is the best. We pay attention to detail and come up with state of the art driveline solutions.

Turn Around Time: 1 Day

Core Charge: $100.00 Note: Core charge is in addition to price of rebuilt product.  Core charge will be charged at point of sale and core credit will be refunded when core is received back, assessed and checked in.    

Core Policy

  • A return shipping label will be supplied within the packaging of incoming shipment.  This shipping label is to be used to send your core back to CCI within 30 days of delivery date.  After 30 days, even if the core is sent back CCI reserves the right to deny refund for core charge. 
  • CCI also reserves the right to credit partial core charge if the core should be damaged beyond normal repair requirements or in the event that all stock components are not returned excluding the ball and cage style CV joint or single u-joint.  Core assessment is discretionary solely by CCI Driveline. 






DIA "  

C to C







26.75" F-F  







24.0" F-F  

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have a Dodge Dakota with an AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION BETWEEN THE YEARS OF 2004 AND 2005 please verify the Flat to Flat length or shaft part# before placing your order.  

Choose Drive Shaft Length:
Required Core Charge:

Part#: 52105981-2AC

Price: $376.47

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