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PTO Slip Yokes

PTO Slip Yoke

How to Order the Correct Slip Yoke

A. Use the PTO Slip Yoke Definition link to define the exact Dana Spicer component using your desired dimensions or from dimensions of the part you are looking to replace. You will have either a Round, Square or Hex Hole Slip Yoke. Clicking on one of the three links, specified by their shape, will take you to the user friendly Dana interactive catalog.     

B. After finding the Dana Spicer part number, type or copy and paste a part number into the CCI Part Search box (Search Store) in the top left corner of this page or any other page on our web site to ORDER it!

Example: (The Highlighted numbers in the figure below indicate field boxes where you enter your information in order to narrow a search.)

Below is a screen shot directly from the PTO Slip Yoke Definition link.  Using this interactive catalog is very simple.

1. Select the u-joint series of your yoke. (If you do not know your U-joint series use the U-Joint Series Definition link to determine it.)

2. Enter specifications of the slip yoke to be found.  A combination of several or even one parameter that is entered into the respected boxes which the red arrows point to in Figure 1. will further narrow a search to find a component.


Part#: 10-3-83X

Price: $67.95


Part#: 10-3-33X

Price: $86.85


Part#: 10-3-32X

Price: $48.13


Part#: 10-3-23X

Price: $89.32


Part#: 10-3-22X

Price: $65.48


Part#: 10-3-183X

Price: $31.68


Part#: 10-3-163X

Price: $98.53


Part#: 10-3-162X

Price: $75.57


Part#: 10-3-13X

Price: $85.87


Part#: 10-3-12X

Price: $44.10


Part#: 10-3-122X

Price: $74.22

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  • Boats
  • Paper Mills
  • Metal Processing
  • Industrial Plants
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Full Inspection of:

  • All rotating components
  • Shaft straightness
  • Shaft balance
  • Full repair/replacement of most foreign & domestic drive shaft assemblies

Full Service & Repair of:

  • Agricultural PTO's
  • Steering shafts
  • Universal joint tables
  • Rotating printing assemblies

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  • JK Jeep Wrangler
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