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Kubota R-520 Loader Drive Shaft


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Kubota R-520 Loader Drive Shaft

Kubota R-520 Pinch Loader Drive Shaft

CCI designed replacement drive shaft extending from front differential to the rear differential gives an alternative to the dealer monopoly.  This drive shaft is built from scratch using all Genuine Spicer components including the robust Spicer Life series u-joints.  The best thing about this shaft is that it uses common automotive u-jonts that are inexpensive.  The male and female portion of the slip spline are also serviceable by direct replacement from commmon off the shelf spicer components should the splines ever wear out again.  A new differential flange and attaching hardware is also included which takes the place of the original yoke flange located at the rear differential.  Although replacing this differential flange may seem threatening it is actually a breeze, just pull off the single bolt in the center of the yoke, pull the yoke flange off and replace it with the new flat flange supplied by us.

Part#: KubotaR-520

Price: $800.00

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