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2015+ Hellcat Challenger/Charger Custom 4" Aluminum Driveshaft


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2015+ Hellcat Challenger/Charger Custom 4" Aluminum Driveshaft


This Design Fits Automatic or Manual Dodge Challenger Hellcat and Automatic Charger Hellcat

  • 4.00” OD X 0.125” 6061 T-6 ALCOA Aluminum Driveline Spec Tubing
  • 1350 Series Solid Spicer Universal Joints
  • Sonnax Precision Aluminum Flange Yokes
  • Sonnax Precision Aluminum Weld Yokes
  • Direct Bolt-in (NO ADAPTERS REQUIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Smooth Power Delivery


This product does not own the same noise or negative NVH characteristics of some of the competitive products for this application. You will be amazed on how smooth and responsive your Hellcat can feel after replacing the stock failure prone 2-pice drive shaft! To order contact us with your application and your order will be ready for pick-up/shipping within 2-Days (Leadtime may vary depending on component availability).


Retail Price: 1095.99 


It is extremely important for you, our potential customer to know just how great our driveshafts are! Our state of the art equipment is as everyone knows crucial to building the best driveshaft on the market. One major misconception is that if a driveshaft is built on sophisticated state of the art equipment it will inherently be a state of the art driveshaft. ACTUALLY, THIS IS RARELY THE CASE!! This is where many of our competitors fall short. We on the other hand realize the other half of the battle. Our secret to producing the best performing drive shafts on the market is how we implement our knowledge and experience so we can effectively utilize our equipment to its fullest potential. In addition to the pride we take in our products it only makes sense to also pride ourselves in the best customer care as well. It is imperative to us that we reach our goal of supplying our customers with the ultimate in customer satisfaction. After a purchase from CCI you should feel sound and secure with your investment and overall experience from initial inquiry through taking your first ride. If by chance you don’t receive a proper “shafting experience” please let us know!

Note: Single piece driveshafts for this application have a lower critical speed than the stock 2-piece driveshaft. This product as advertised is designed for stock speed limiter and gearing arrangements. Please contact us before ordering regarding any application which is altered allowing the driveshaft to rotate more RPM than stock to discuss in more detail your new limitations.



Price: $1,095.99

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